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Tournament Format, Rules, Regulations

• Games are two 15-min. straight time periods (5 min. break between).

• The rink measures approximately 70 ft. by 140 ft.

• The goals are 6 ft. inside length by 10 in. inside height.

• No goaltenders, no goalie sticks or goalie equipment.

• All players are required to wear hockey skates (no figure skates, goalie skates, skate protectors or long blades)

• All players are required to have home and away jerseys, if not bibs will be given in the case of teams with the same color.

• Skates, gloves, stcks and helmets are mandatory. Shin pads and cup recommended. Full gear optional.

• Entry fee is $250 + $100 deposit per team, all players must be 19 years or older to play.

• $100 returned if teams meet the volunteer requirements (5 hours help per team with set-up, during event or takedown)

• All players are to sign waivers before playing.

• Teams are limited to 6 players with a maximum of 5 dressed and 4 on the ice at one time.

• Teams may substitute players at any time 'on the fly'.

• The tournament clock and horn manages all games.

• Games & periods will start and end at the sound of the horn.

• Games begin with home team puck possession at center ice.

• The 2nd period starts with visiting team having puck possession.

• Players to clean ice with shovels and brooms following each game.

• There will be no overtime: win = 2 pts. & tie =1pt.

• Champion team in each division is the one with the most points.

o ties will be settled by:

 performance against each other

 team with the fewest losses

 team with biggest goal differential

 team with most 'goals for'

 coin toss

• Cash prizes awarded to 1st ($1000), 2nd ($500) for Crystal Cup participants.

• Top 2 teams receive trophies for the Crystal Cup, Coal Cup and Sapphire Cup.

NOTE: Registration to begin December 1st, 2018 through Ernie's Sports Experts in the Totem Mall with a deadline for all registrations on February 12th, 2019 (No exceptions)

All players and teams must ready to play at least 15 minutes prior to game time.  

Alcohol is only to be consumed in designated licensed area.








For more information about The Crystal Cup Pond Hockey Challenge:

Organizer:  Neil Evans  250 793 4524



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