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Playing Rules

• All games are officiated based on honor system, if games get out of hand, executive member to officiate.

• All minor penalties will result in a goal and loss of puck possession.

• Absolutely no body checking (Minor penalty).

• General hockey infractions such as tripping, hooking, slashing, elbowing, etc are considered infractions at this event (Minor penalties).

• Major penalties or any action that jeopardizes the safety of players, volunteers or spectators will result in that player's ejection from the tournament with no substitution allowed for that player's team.

• In extreme instances or actions involving more than one player from a team, the entire team can be ejected from the tournament.

• Any abuse of officials (monitors) will be considered a major penalty. This includes yelling, swearing and excessive arguing about calls.

• There will be no off-sides or icings.

• Goals must be scored from the 'attacking' side of center ice.

• Players cannot fall or lay on the ice to protect the goal (Minor).

• Players cannot lay their sticks down on the ice to protect the goal (Minor).

• See "Clarification on Goaltending" section for further details.

• Slap shots are expressly PROHIBITED, resulting in loss of possession (Minor).

• Raising the puck above knee-level will result in loss of puck possession (Minor).

• Sticks cannot be raised above the waist (Minor).

• Puck contact with a stick above the waist results in loss of possession (Minor).

• Teams must give half ice advantage after a goal is scored or after an infraction takes place.

• When attacking player crosses centre ice, pursuit can take place.

• Hand passes are prohibited and will result in loss of puck possession (Minor).

• Goals 'kicked in' will be disallowed and result in loss of puck possession (Minor).

• The organizers reserve the right to prohibit any player from participating in a game should they be deemed a safety risk to themselves or anyone else.

• The organizers reserve the right to add or delete rules as identified in this document. If changes are made, teams will be informed prior to any games being played.

NOTE: If the puck leaves the designated playing surface, players have the option to collect the puck if within close range but buckets of pucks will be available at each player bench. The team to last touch the puck will lose possession and, upon restart, will give the opposing team possession at the spot closest to where the puck


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