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Sid Davis Memorial Youth Pond Hockey Challenge

The Crystal Cup proudly presents the Sid Davis Youth Memorial Pond Hockey Challenge!!

Sid Davis was born in Hamilton, Ontario July 16th, 1971. He moved with his parents and brother to BC in 1979, settling in Williams Lake for most of his Hockey Career. Sid's life revolved around his family, hockey, friends, and work. For all of Sid's adult years he was involved in coaching minor hockey, first in Williams Lake, and then jumping right in when he and his family relocated to Fort St. John. Sid touched the lives of many many children throughout BC in his coaching career. His love for the sport always shone through, as much as his love for the kids he was coaching. He loved watching them grow their skills, and catch hockey fever. Sid was known for following their careers long after they'd left his team, reaching out with notes of encouragement or congratulations as they continued in their hockey journeys. Sid passed away suddenly December 19th, 2017 and leaves behind his wife Jennifer and three children Brayden, Kelsey, and Rylan. It is with our honor to present to you in conjunction with the Crystal Cup Pond Hockey Challenge the 2nd Annual Sid Davis Memorial Youth Pond Hockey Challenge.

Date and Time: Sunday, February 24th - 9am-7pm

2019 Sid Davis Memorial Schedule

*Notice to players and parents:
Please dress appropriately as temperatures may drop over the weekend.
Players may get geared up in the Boxx Modular tent which will be heated.
Please have players ready and at their designated rink 5 minutes prior to game time.



Blue Flyers                                                         
Blue Rayz                                                            
Blue Lightning                                                   
The Eagles                                                          

9AM      Registration and rules meeting                                 

10AM    Blue Flyers vs Blue Rayz                                                

            Blue Lightning vs The Eagles                                       

11AM    Blue Flyers vs Blue Lightning                                       

            Blue Rayz vs The Eagles                                

1PM      Blue Lightning vs Blue Rayz                                          

            The Eagles vs Blue Flyers                                             

3PM      1st vs 2nd



Pool A:
North Stars
Goal Getters

Pool B:
No Hit Sherlocks
The Mighty Pucks
Burgundy Bullets

9AM      Registration and rules meeting                                 

10AM    Snipers vs North Stars                                    

            Stormbreaker vs Goal-Getters                                   

            No Hit Sherlocks vs DFA                                                

            The Mighty Pucks vs Burgundy Bullets                                   

11AM    Snipers vs Stormbreaker                                              

            North Stars vs Goal-Getters                                        

            No Hit Sherlocks vs The Mighty Pucks                                     

            DFA vs Burgundy Bullets                                              

1PM       Snipers vs Goal-Getters                                                

             North Stars vs Stormbreaker                                      

             No Hit Sherlocks vs Burgundy Bullets                                      

             DFA vs The Mighty Pucks                                             

3PM       1st in A vs 1st in B



Pool A
Sin Bin City Stickers
Pond Crushers

Pool B:
Rosebrook Goal Fishers
Quikstick Bandits
Taylor Turds

Pool C:
Mighty Pucks
Mighty Raptors
Twisted Steel Goons

Pool D:
Moen-T-Real Canadians
Golden Boys
Epscan Power Players
Bar Down Bandits

9AM      Registration and rules meeting                                                 

10AM    Wolfpack vs Sin Bin City Slickers                                                

                Unstoppables vs Pond Crushers                                                               

                Rosebrook Goal Fishers vs Quickstick Bandits                                                     

                Crushers vs Taylor Turds                                                              

11AM    Mighty Pucks vs Mighty Raptors                                                               

                Twisted Steel Goons vs Misfits                                                 

                Moen-T-Real Canadians vs Golden Boys                                                               

                Epscan Power Rangers vs Bar Down Bandits                                                       

12PM    Wolfpack vs Unstoppables                                                         

                Sin Bin City Stickers vs Pond Crushers                                                    

                Rosebrook Goal Fishers vs Crushers                                                       

                Quikstick Bandits vs Taylor Turds                                                              

                Mighty Pucks vs Twisted Steel Goons                                                    

                Mighty Raptors vs Misfits                                                            

                Moen-T-Real Canadians vs Epscan Power Players                                                            

                Golden Boys vs Bar Down Bandits                                                           

1PM       Sin Bin City Stickers vs Unstoppables                                                      

                Pond Crushers vs Wolfpack                                                        

                Quikstick Bandits vs Crushers                                                    

                Taylor Turds vs Rosebrook Goal Fishers                                                

2PM       Mighty Raptors vs Twisted Steel Goons                                                

                Misfits vs Mighty Pucks                                                

                Golden Boys vs Epscan Power Players                                                   

                Bar Down Bandits vs Moen-T-Real Canadians                                                     

4PM       1st in A vs 1st in B (Semifinal 1)                                                 

                1st in C vs 1st in D (Semifinal 2)                                                 

6PM       Winner Semifinal 1 vs Winner Semifinal 2 



The Little Puckers                                                           
Ugly Pucklings                                                  
Jr Highlanders                                                   
Puck Pirates

9AM      Registration and rules meeting                                 

2PM       The Little Puckers vs Ugly Pucklings                                        

                Puck Pirates vs Jr Highlanders                                    

3PM       The Little Puckers vs Puck Pirates                                            

                Ugly Pucklings vs Jr Highlanders                                

5PM       Ugly Pucklings vs Puck Pirates                                   

                Jr Highlanders vs The Little Puckers                                         

6PM       1st vs 2nd



Pool A:                                                  
Oscars Disposers                                                             
Bantam Predators                                                          
Fugly Puckers                                                   

Pool B:                                                  
Ice Ice Baby                                                       
Baby Trackers                                                   
Outdoor Rink Kingz

9AM      Registration and rules meeting                                 

12PM    Oscars Disposers vs Bantam Predators                                  

                Ice Ice Baby vs Baby Trackers                                     

1PM       Fugly Puckers vs Oscars Disposers                                           

                ice ice Baby vs Outdoor Rink Kingz                                           

2PM       Fugly Puckers vs Bantam Predators                                        

                Baby Trackers vs Outdoor Rink Kingz                                      

4PM       1st in A vs 2nd in B (Semifinal 1)                                

                1st in B vs 2nd in A (Semifinal 2)                                

                3rd in A vs 3rd in B                                          

6PM       Winner of Semi 1 vs Winner of Semi 2



For any questions on the schedule please contact Jamie Osterlund at 250-262-9682

Format: To be announced 


Age Groups include:

Pre-Novice (2012-2013)

Novice (2010-2011)

Atom (2008-2009)

Pee-Wee (2006-2007)

Bantam (2004-2005)

Midget (2002-2003)


4 on 4 no goalies (No goalie skates)

Recommended 5 players per team (Maximum 8)

Same color jerseys recommended for each team (Pinnies available if needed)


Rules and Regulations:

Minimum gear includes helmet with full mask, skates, shin pads, elbow pads, neck guards and gloves. Cup and other equipment is optional.

No goalie skates, figure skates or speed skates.


Hard Edge Sports in the Pomeroy Sports Center

Registration open December 1st, 2018 to February 12th, 2019

Registration Fee: $10 per youth

Deadline for registration February 12th

For more information:

Jamie Osterlund 250-262-9682



For more information about The Crystal Cup Pond Hockey Challenge:

Organizer:  Neil Evans  250 793 4524



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